The great realization that I received through St.Augustine’s words, “God loves me as if there was just me” gave me this constant consolation that I am always surrounded by this unceasing bubble of God's Love.Together with learning, exploring and reflecting, we also had a lot of fun trekking, flying kites, taking part in team activities, dancing and singing. The friendships I made during these days will be treasured forever. We had a time of personal prayer every day, outside where the calm and peaceful nature of Glendalough enveloped us. I personally felt happier once I had started to spend quality time with the Lord. Daily mass and adoration helped me to stay strong in the decisions I took throughout the DTP days. I also learned more about the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and how important it is to protect and be part of it. It emphasized the importance of sainthood, and that we are all called to become saints. The Q&A session at the end of each day, answered numerous questions I had about my faith and the Church. I also experienced the Holy Spirit’s constant presence in my life. Just as Dony Peter spoke about the walk with the Holy Spirit – “It’s like a Radio tation, unless you tune into the station, you won’t be able to hear Him”. My relationship with the Holy Spirit had never gone beyond a prayer relationship. DTP taught me to consciously walk with the Holy Spirit, share every moment of my life with Him and to talk to Him all the time. I started seeing the difference through constant guidance and therefore a peace of mind..