DTP 2014

Event Date(s): 
Sun, 2014-08-17 - Tue, 2014-08-26

As part of formation for the youth playing key roles in prayer groups around Ireland, ten days of discipleship training took place amidst the picturesque glacial valley, Glendalough.  A beautiful stream bubbled its way between the rocks and pebbles. Hills surrounded the two houses - Teach Lorcain and Teach Chaomhin. Beauty of the nature was perfect for a time of prayer, reflection, fun & fellowship.

All the 19 participants arrived on Sunday evening where lots of fun and games awaited them. After a good night sleep, the following day the three and half day retreat began.  Day one of the retreat focused mainly on the Blessings and Love of God – Blessing that I’m meant to be, Biblical stories, Understanding the Blessings. This was followed by the main theme of personal surrender and reconciliation on day two and finally on day three the main focus was on ‘Trusting the Word of God’ and Inner Healing and the steps towards it. And finally the very next day the retreat ended by afternoon with the main focus on Living a life with the Holy Spirit.

The 6 day training kick-started with self-awareness and paradigm shift, where each of the participants were able spent time identifying their positive and negative paradigms and chart out a clear, proactive, step by step plan on overcoming these paradigms.   Second day of training mainly focused on the personal holiness with topics such as beauty of relationships, gift of sexuality, call of sainthood and spiritual warfare. These were followed next day with the main theme of One, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic Church where vocation discernment was also explored. During the day, other important aspects such as communication and media were also discussed with workshops on communicating effectively. On the third day of training the main focus was on discipleship and evangelisation, specially understanding the call in relation to both, which was followed by an outreach into the historic monastery of St. Kevin. As the training was approaching its end, some of the basic things were discussed in detail that are essential for personal life as well as for prayer groups such as time management, setting priorities, reading habits and leading a Bible session.  A second outreach to the local nursing home was also organized during the day.

On the final day, the history and recent formation plans of Jesus Youth movement were shared in depth and finally the need and how to witness the ‘call’ in daily aspects of our life was discussed.  Throughout the DTP, the participants got to hear and be inspired by the life testimonies of many elders and other youth.  Daily Holy Mass and Adoration made the training were the highlights and personal time of reflections and sharing helped participants grow in faith.  The days were also filled with plenty of activities and other events such trekking, barbecue evening, culture night and movie nights livened up the training. The DTP finally concluded with a commissioning ceremony where the participants promised to be devoted disciples of Christ.



DTP 2014